Video Surveillance For Automobile Dealerships

Video Surveillance For Automobile Dealerships
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Car dealerships have high-priced inventory, which tends to make them susceptible to theft. As such, video surveillance can be a lot have to have security measures for car dealerships. Automobiles depending on the make and model can run from several thousand dollars to a handful of hundred thousand dollars. Many dealerships keep their inventory appropriate out on their parking lots. This can be a high level of exposure. The far more prestigious the automobile the much more susceptible it’s to theft.

The Benefits Of Dealership Video Surveillance

Stopping Theft

Video surveillance cameras that are placed in distinctive areas about lots of aid avoid thieves from stealing autos. They can also support identify automobile thieves.

Track Buyers

Tracking customer’s habits could be valuable marketing data. In case you combine the video with analytics, you’ll be able to use this information to improve your profit potential.

Shield Constructing, Personnel, And Customers

Surveillance cameras help to no cost up your staff. It permits them to perform other duties although it should not replace general vigilance.

Future Integration

Some bigger dealerships might desire to consider integration. A networked security program that utilizes online protocol cameras or IP cameras is essential to any integration. An integrated safety technique at a dealership may include things like integrating the following:

  • . employee ID card timekeeping system
  • . safety systems like doors, locks, and car alarms
  • . creating heating and air conditioning systems

Some Inherit Dangers Of Video Surveillance


Respecting privacy is significant when implementing security measures. Be careful to only set up security cameras in public places such as the showroom or car lots. Refrain from putting video cameras in bathrooms or backrooms where men and women expect a particular measure of privacy.


Constantly monitor the condition of one’s surveillance cameras. A broken camera leaves you exposed. How do you realize the thief did not break it? Merely getting a camera up as a threat doesn’t assure the inventory is safe from theft. In this economy, thieves have come to be a lot more daring. You do not wish to over depend on your video surveillance cameras either. They are meant to enhance safety.

At Quick Money Auto, a cash for car company in Long Island, New York, surveillance video led towards the returning of some inventory of their very own that was stolen in the lot. In broad daylight, a vehicle thief found a strategy to sneak into the dealership’s office, where cameras had been installed, and somehow lifted the keys to a Mercedes parked correctly outdoors around the lot. To produce a long story quick, the key theft was caught on video and it aired that evening around the Channel 12 News. The subsequent day Swift Money Auto received an anonymous phone get in touch with perhaps from the vehicle thief himself stating the car or truck was becoming returned and was parked correctly in the nearby location. Becoming on video must’ve scared him stiff since he returned the Mercedes the incredibly subsequent day!

At times a determined vehicle thief can be a difficult point to beat but surveillance cameras might be an invaluable security measure. It surely was for Swift Cash Auto. The owner is creating further upgrades to make sure the rest with the office is secure 100% of the time.