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Beware of Auto Shop Rip-Offs

Beware of Auto Shop Rip-Offs
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When needing auto repairs you need to be careful. Many auto repair shops tend to overcharge for unnecessary repairs. The thought of your car breaking down is something we all fear. Let’s say your car breaks down and you might have to take it to a shop. But you know, every time you go to a shop, they have a list of a million things wrong with your car. Or better yet, they fix your car, you leave and a few days later something else goes wrong. Coincidence. I don’t think so. Follow some of these tips to avoid being taken advantage of.

If you want to avoid being ripped off, first find a good mechanic, or a friend who performs auto mechanics. Begin by bringing your car there for regular maintenance, before any major issues occur. This will help keep your vehicle running at it’s very best and can catch problems before they even occur.

Make sure when you bring your car in you ask questions. Tell them to explain it to you as easy and simply as possible. They tend to throw their auto mechanic jargon at you which can be confusing.

If you feel you have a problem with your car, take it in and have them run the necessary tests, some mechanics provide this service free. Once they find what the problem is, make sure they break down what has to be done and give you an estimate. Get it in writing, that way you have something if they try to throw more charges at you later.

Go ahead and ask them, if they feel they may find other problems when fixing this one. A lot of times, you bring your car in for one thing and find a whole slew of other problems. Don’t let them perform any other work without your approval, or you may find more money exiting your wallet. Don’t choose to do all the work they estimate, unless it’s something necessary. It may be something very simple you or your husband can do yourself.

As long as certain things are not a safety hazard or could cause major problems, you may be able to have the work done at different times, to avoid too many upfront costs. A trustworthy mechanic will give you a time frame in which he feels work can be done. He may recommend you, such as, that you have a few months before you will need new tires, or brakes, or if you should have an alignment, or need your tires balanced and rotated.

After you decide on your mechanic and they finish work on your car, get an itemized statement, for all parts and labor. Review it, ask questions, make sure there are no extras or errors. If it is legit they will have no issue explaining the cost to you.

Sometimes your car may suddenly breakdown and you need to have it towed, it is a good idea to have some sort of Roadside Assistance. They usually give you trustworthy mechanics and you won’t have to pay for the tow out of your pocket.

If you have a new car, and it has a lease or warranty, call the dealership. Usually, most problems are covered under your warranty which results in free service. Some problems may need to be repaired by the dealership. Dealerships are much more costly, however the quality of repairs is backed up by the company of the car, the choice is in your trust.

Some time or another, you will need to bring your car in for some service, but if you keep up with regular maintenance, you can save yourself hefty repair bills. And there are minor repairs you can do yourself to save even more money. Remember, shop wisely for a mechanic to avoid being taken advantage of.