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Types of Jobs in the Automobile Industry

Types of Jobs in the Automobile Industry
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There are several types of jobs in the automobile industry. Auto designers are responsible for the overall look and feel of a car. Quality testing engineers test parts and engines. Production workers construct cars. And quality control engineers inspect the work performed by others. If you think this job description sounds like your dream job, read on to discover more about the different career paths available in this industry. You may be surprised to learn that there are many opportunities to work in this field!

Auto designers develop the appearance of the interior and exterior of the car

The process of designing a car involves three main components. The interior design team creates sketches and computer models that depict the various options for interior design. The exterior design team develops the overall shape and surface details of the car. The process begins with manual sketches and progresses through digital and computer renderings. A clay model is then created to present the concept. These drawings are used to make a final sketch that is approved by the appropriate management layers.

Quality testing engineers test parts

Automotive OEMs demand the highest quality materials for their vehicles, which must undergo extensive testing to meet the requirements of the industry. Quality testing engineers perform these tests for automotive manufacturers and suppliers and provide independent assured testing services. They also test parts for hazardous substances. The testing services offered by SATRA range from ensuring compliance to national and international standards and specifications. They have their own chemical analysis laboratory, which provides a comprehensive assessment of materials and their contents.

Production workers build cars

The automobile industry employs thousands of workers. Assembled car parts are made in production plants and by independent suppliers. Workers in this field include tool and die makers, machinists, and pattern makers. Thousands of managers and administrative assistants perform clerical duties, prepare huge amounts of advertising, and stay abreast of market trends. In addition, marketers work closely with automobile dealers to promote their vehicles.

Quality control engineers test engines

The work of quality control engineers varies in the automobile industry. They oversee the day-to- day assembly process and address quality issues that arise. They establish quality systems and control charts for each process to ensure that critical parameters are kept within the specified upper and lower limits. If issues arise, they are alerted immediately. They may also be responsible for testing new cars and engines. To find out more about the work of a quality engineer, read on!

Quality assurance engineers test electrical systems

A career in automotive quality assurance involves testing various electrical and electronic systems. The job requires extensive testing, inspection, and documentation. Quality assurance engineers may specialize in specific automotive systems. The role requires an associate’s degree or higher. For more senior positions, quality assurance engineers must have a master’s degree in the field. Entry-level positions are available to help individuals gain experience. In addition, some positions may require a master’s degree.