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Saving Money Can Sometimes Cost

Saving Money Can Sometimes Cost
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When it comes to cars, I definitely am biased and favor certain brands over others. I am a strong believer that brands do in fact matter and when it comes to car buying, in my opinion, that couldn’t be any truer. I speak on this not just from an opinionated point of view but from personal experience as well. I have owned a number of vehicles and I have found that certain brands have a consistency in quality and operational function that others just can’t compete with.

After having experienced my share of lemons to finally upgrading to luxury vehicles, after college I was finally able to afford my dream car; a BMW 325i. This has been and probably always will be, not only my favorite BMW series but, my favorite car in general. I love the way it is designed to look luxurious without being too in your face flashy yet at the same time, it screams sophistication. More so than the appearance, I find that the driving experience in a BMW is by far one of the smoothest rides to have. It almost feels like the vehicle glides over the road as it absorbs every bump and shock, making turns and stops ever so effortlessly.

My original BMW was actually passed down to me by my brother and was an older model 325i. Even with that, the riding experience of that 10 plus-year-old BMW was better than any other newer model brand I have ridden in thus far. Of course, my brother took very good care of the car, making sure to stay up to date on oil changes and only having it serviced by a BMW certified technician. This is important if you want to maintain your car’s integrity and extend its lifespan. Purchasing your BMW from a BMW dealer will actually ensure that you receive these services on site. If you are in Cape Code, search for a bmw cape cod to find a BMW dealer in your area.

While you can find BMWs at random car lots, I wouldn’t recommend doing that as they normally do not have technicians on-hand who specialize in these vehicles. You would need to have your car serviced somewhere else which also means a hefty bill. Many times, the dealership where you purchased the vehicle will offer lots of perks and discounts simply because your vehicle was purchased with them. They often even will give you a certain number of free oil changes and other incentives as well.

Although it may seem like you are getting a good deal by purchasing a luxury vehicle from a used dealer, you will end up paying much more in the long run. It is much better to do everything under one roof this way not only is the service technician well versed in the mechanics of your vehicle, but the services you receive are also covered by the dealer. So if for any reason something goes wrong or the job is done incorrectly, having it taken care of is as easy as picking up the phone.